David C. Brown, M.A.

David C. Brown, MA, principal, had received his Batchelor’s Degree from University of Connecticut and Masters from Wesleyan University. Specialist in sustainable development, community development and non-profit development and since 1994. Prior to that David had been a master teacher and trainer in environmental education (1982-1994). He has developed a cultural community tourism program for nine cultural and historical communities in Miami. David was the 1998 recipient of the Greater Miami Chamber’s “Friends of Haiti” Award and has been recently nominated for the Governor’s Environmental Education Awards. Recently named in Strathmore’s Who’s Who Registry and Global Network.

Juan Casimiro

Youth Entrepreneur Trainer. He received his BSSW degree from Ohio State University in 1986, and a master’s degree in business education from City University of New York in 1988. The former Executive Vice President Educational Designs that Generate Excellence (EDGE). Prior to that he was the Entrepreneurship Director for New York City Board of Education’s, Community School District Six / NFTE.

Founder and Chairman of the Casimiro Foundation, an organization that provides college scholarships, personal development and mentoring to college bound students in the Dominican Republic and in the U.S.

John P. Atkins

Ex-Council General of Jamaica for Southeast United States, a graduate of Georgetown University in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations. Assistant Island Supervisor of the National Working Union – Jamaica (15 years). Deputy Council General, (five years). Senator of Jamaican government, (three years). Specialty areas include: International Diplomacy, Labor Relations, International Trade, Security/ Foreign Exchange, Human Resources, Middle Management Training and Development.



Jean-Ricot Mareus

Jean-Ricot Mareus Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Political Sciences from FIU in 2002. Because of his activities and involvements Jean-Ricot received the Student Service-Learning Award of the Year at M-DCC. He was also the recipient of The President’s Student Award, acknowledged and recognized by President Bill Clinton. As a student leader heat M-DCC, Jean-Ricot revitalized the Haitian Boukan Club served as president for two years.

The most ambitious and challenging endeavor for Jean-Ricot is the founding of the Haitian American Youth Leaders for Academic Progress, Inc. (HAYLAP). HAYLAP is a community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to assisting youth, especially in the Haitian community in setting goals, and closing the gap between success and failure. Trilingual in French, Haitian Creole and English.

Stuart M. Edelman

Digital video, multimedia and marketing specialist; customer service and hospitality trainer. B.S. Hospitality Management, 1981. Florida International University, School of Hospitality Management, Miami, FL. Former Resident Manager and Director of Convention Services, with Hilton and other resort properties.

Maria Rodriquez, MD, PhD

Specialist in Public Health Policy and Administration. PhD in Public Health and Social Medicine, National University of Mexico. Bilingual English and Spanish.

Nicholas Monsalve

MIS and IT Specialist. BS in MIS Florida International University 2003. Bilingual in Spanish and English.


Karina Rincon

Graphic Artist. AA in Graphic Design from Institute Antonio Jose de Sucre and a BA from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Bilingual in Spanish and English.

Lela Lombardo

Lela is a featured performer in our talent showcase. Renowned actress, dancer and singer. Specialist in Educational, and Environmental Theatre. Trilingual in Spanish, German and English.

Peter Kisiluk

Peter is a featured performer in our talent showcase. BA in Theatre, Pamona Collage, Clarement , CA Specialist in Balinese and Japanese Dance; Educational and Environmental Theatre.

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